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I've always been bad at writing frequently here, but I started up a blog last month that I so far actually remember to update! XD

Here's the URL:

Strawberry Teaparty of Facebook

Strawberry Teaparty now has it's own Facebook-group! <3 Please join! :D

Strawberry Teaparty
A little while ago I finally got to the point of starting up a webshop to sell handmade Lolita-clothes and accessories, and I've been so excited, but I've already run into trouble. Advertising if you can't afford to spend much money on it is really, really hard! I've gotten some out but not nearly enough - everywhere there are either ridiculous rules and regulations, or simply people who doesn't want the competition.

I must say this saddens me. The last useless explanation I got for not being allowed to post the url to my webshop was that *apparently* it contained 'illegal or piracy software'.


It's a webshop for clothes! There's nothing about it that would even suggest piracy or illegal stuff... Seriously. I get so angry I just want to stomp my feet and yell 'that's not fair!' but that of course won't help.

*sigh* I need help, does anyone know a way to help me do this?

It's just... I feel so sorry for my little webshop. However will I get this out to people I just don't know.

I stormens öga
Jag skriver det här för att jag börjar bli desperat... För en månad sedan skulle jag ha fått min lön. Det fick jag inte. De sa att jag skulle få den den 25e juli.
Nu är det den 25e juli, och jag har fortfarande inte fått ett öre.

Jag börjar bli beredd att ta ärendet till polisen...

Grejen är den, att ingenting jag gör kan hjälpa mig få pengar nu med en gång, så jag kan ta itu med mina räkningar. Det sista jag vill är att hamna hos kronofogden. >.< Att ha varit pank hela sommaren har varit illa nog. Utöver allt annat, alltså.

Så jag...ja, jag tar emot beställningar av bilder.

Linearts 50kr (digitala)
Linearts orginal 100kr
Färgbilder 200-500kr (beroende på hur avancerade de är) digitalt och print

Jag kan teckna det mesta, inte bara manga, och finns det yaoi-fantaster går det också bra.

Vill ni ha tavlor i andra medium, som t.ex. olja, får vi en diskussion om prissättningen. Det blir givetvis mycket dyrare än det jag färglägger digitalt. Linearts är helt handgjorda och tuschade med riktig tusch, på 130g papper.

Priserna på linearts avser A4.

New tides
I finally got out of the reltionship I was in, free to love the only person I have ever truly loved. <3 No more pretending. No more denial. I love her. I've always loved her, I think... I just couldn't take that final step... But in the end, I didn't have to. She did it for me. <3

I just can't believe how lucky I am... To truly love someone is painful, so painful, but when I can be with her...I'm the happiest woman on Earth. <3 It was a large price to pay...and it almost cost me my life as my ex got blinded by jealousy, but I don't care... She's worth every tear, every sleepless night, all the pain and heartache - it's worth it. I can endure anything, because I know she's by my side till the end of time... <3

I love her so much. So very, very much... <3

Finished work and fluff
Hi everyone! <3 That picture is now DONE and so I'm waiting patiently for the results. ^.~ It'll be fun to see what happens, and even if it doesn't win I had fun making it and learned a lot. <3

There, what do you think? I drew another picture to almost right after it, which I dare say is the best I've ever done so far... *blush* May I? *cough* Anyway...that one is quite, um, erotic so to speak so I won't post it here. Now, if you're a member on Y!Gallery you can check here: You have to be a member and logged in to see it. ^.^

Other than this...well, I won't be going to Brussel at the end of May. Of course, there are several reasons but my two most important ones are these: Money and a shady hotel.
After that experience in East Berlin I won't ever step my foot into a bad hotel, especially not if it's close to the red District. Oh good heavens, who would expect me to anywhere near that place?? I'm not going. They'll have to tie me up and carry me there to make me, so it won't happen. ^.^; On the other hand, it seems something went wrong with the ordering of tickets (I was in my teacher's office when he got the call) and it seems it is twice as expensive as planned, so chance is no one is going.

*sigh* Now why doesn't that surprise me at all? I do admit I'm sorry for those that wanted to go... *huggles*

New Colouringstyle
I've been sitting working on the same picture for nearly 20 hours now... It started as nothing at all in Photoshop and I haven't drawn one line on paper. It's taken so long...and it isn't finished yet. I'm just starting to work on the shadows on the floor, and that table needs to get some work too. Also, I'm planning to give him a necklace, and perhaps put out some more things in the room. I planned on laying out a little straw on the floor and a pint of beer on the table. ^.^ Perhaps a barrel or two, as well, if it doesn't cramp it.

It's been fun to work on, though I admit I went a little crazy on that floor. XD How do you make a believable wooden floor out pf nothing? O.o

News, news, news!
All right, a LOT has been going on lately, but it's been so exciting! I don't even know where to begin but... Oh, bother, first things first! My children's book Land of Long Ago might get published! There is a publishing company that is interested in it, so right now I'm so anxious I have difficult to sit still and work. ^.^;; I'm wrapping up chapter one of Destiny Weavers as we speak, but my hand is a little shaky right now, so it's difficult.
I've worked on drawing some realism directly in Photoshop since I've had a hard time inking, and it turned out pretty interesting. ^.^

I've never tried before so... Hm. I'm pretty happy with his face but the shadows on his hair just decided they hate me. Ugh. Oh yeah, it was really late and I concentrated so much on the face I kind of forgot the rest of the body. O.o So I cut the head off. As morbid as that might sound.

Did a horse too a while back. ^.^ I have no idea why I just end up with heads when it's late. O.o You all know I always draw entire pictures, usually. o.o Ah, anyway. Wintry and I was talking about horses, and I told her of different breeds and showed a lot of pictures (man, did that make me miss horses or what? T_T I haven't been riding for over four hurt my heart.)
So I ended up drawing this in the middle of the night, as usual;

I've been planning on making a few fanart pictures for the Nightrunner series (lovely, LOVELY series by Lynn Flewelling. <3 A must read!) since I fell in love with a certain character... *coughs* I just want him to turn out good when I sit down... the mischievous little thing needs a good setting, light and pose... I'm still thinking...

And as soon as I get my hands on a scanner I'll put up some pages of Destiny Weavers. ^.~ It's a promise. <3

I just finished watching the Fruits Basket anime, and I couldn't help to start thinking about the Zodiac. Natural, isn't it?

Anyway... I'm a Rat. I knew that already, but I was curious so I dug out more information on Wiki. And this is what I found:

Being the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, rats are leaders, pioneers and conquerors. They are charming, passionate, charismatic, practical and hardworking. Rat people are endowed with great leadership skills and are perhaps the most organized and systematic of the twelve signs. Intelligent and cunning at the same time, rats are highly ambitious and strong-willed people who are keen and unapologetic promoters of their own agendas, which often include money and power. They are energetic and versatile and can usually find their way around obstacles, and adapt to various environments easily. A rat's natural charm and sharp demeanor make it an appealing friend for almost anyone, but rats are usually highly exclusive and selective when choosing friends and so often have only a few very close friends whom they trust.

Behind the smiles and charm, rats can be terribly obstinate and controlling, insisting on having things their way no matter what the cost. These people tend to have an immense control of their emotions, which they may use as a tool to manipulate and exploit another person, both emotionally and mentally. Rats are masters of mind games and can be very dangerous, calculating and downright cruel if the need arises. Quick-tempered and aggressive, they will not think twice about exacting revenge on those that hurt them in any way. Rats need to learn to relax sometimes, as they can be quite obsessed with detail, intolerant and strict, demanding order, obedience, and perfection.

A valuable lesson for Rats is to learn to consider others before themselves, at least sometimes, and to avoid forcing their ideas onto others. Rats are fair in their dealings and expect the same from others in return, and can be deeply affronted if they feel they have been deceived or that their trust has been abused. Sometimes they set their targets too high, whether in relation to their friends or in their career. But as the years pass, they will become more idealistic and tolerant. If they can develop their sense of self and realize it leaves room for others in their life as well, Rats can find true happiness.

Traditionally, Rats should avoid Horses, but they can usually find their best friends and love interests in Monkeys, Oxen, and Dragons.
(copied and pasted from Wiki)

And I reflected over this... True, there are no proof that the zodiac is correct, but I can't deny the fact that the Rat is indeed the zodiac animal that fits me the most. Fits almost perfectly, actually...
I'm aware of my faults, and I don't deny them either. Anyone foolish enough to try on a group assignment with me knows this for a fact... ^.^;;
Yes, I sulk if I don't get my way. Sulk with big S. And it's childish, I know. But even so, I can't help it and I won't stop. Does this make me a bad person? I don't think so. Everyone has flaws, and I'm no different.

The two people closest to me are also rats.

What Zodiac animal are you? *smiles*

I just watched the result of the interview on friday, and I was surprised at how good it turned out. O.O A master has been at work here...puzzling the pieces together. I was really scared to look at it since I was afraid I'd look so weird, but I didn't have to worry. ^.^ Of's impossible to *not* be at least a little stiff...but the overall impression was good, so now I can relax. *phew*

I wonder how many people saw that and got interested...?


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